18 Oct 2020

What are the best calorie-burning exercise classes?

Knowing that you can get your sweat’s worth in a short span of time helps many of us decide which workouts to take up. Whether it is your busy schedule, a desire to pack the most into life, or your aim to meet a fitness goal, the workouts which burn the most get on that list fast. Here are some great and effective calorie-burning fitness classes that ought to earn a place in your diary:

  • Cycling classes:
    Low-impact, adrenaline pumping and downright addictive, cycling classes push you to your limits. Best of all, cycling classes are suitable for all fitness levels as you push yourself as hard as you want to.  Because the bike is stationary, you (literally) go nowhere and are the master of every trip. Classes like Les Mills RPM can burn an average of 500 calories in a 45-minute workout.

  • Strength classes like BODYPUMP®:
    You can burn an average of 400 calories in a 55-minute Les Mills BODYPUMP workout. Plus, a lesser known fact about strength training exercises is that, because you build muscle, your metabolism stays elevated post-workout.  As muscles are metabolically more demanding, having more muscles help you burn more even at rest.

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT):
    Not a mere fad, HIIT is one of the best ways to burn loads of calories in a short time as short intense bursts of movements/exercise are mixed with lower intensity ones. Ensure that some element of strength training is incorporated for the best results.

Check out the GFX Fitness Class list and add some calorie-burning classes to your week!