18 Oct 2020

How to keep to your promise to exercise regularly

Tackle the reason, find the cure

We all have our days when we’d much prefer to lie in bed in the morning rather than hit the ground moving. This article isn’t just a listing of interesting workouts that you can do to keep yourself motivated. It also nails down some key reasons why exercise can be a dreadful chore or bore for some. And by understanding the underlying reasons why ‘I hate to exercise’ enters the mind, we can then address the issues and create opportunities to turn ‘hate’ to ‘like’ or even ‘love’.

Find your reason to exercise

One of the biggest motivations for starting on an exercise programme is a health scare or a determination to keep your body fit and healthy. After all, we have only one body and how much we take care of it is directly correlated to how much joy we get out of being able to move, breathe and live happily.

Note or even write down the reason why you want to exercise and remind yourself of it.

Find an activity that you like… and time will fly

There’s no need for monotonous 45minute treadmill runs, add variety to your workouts and you’ll get better results to boot. In fact, changing exercises regularly ensures your body doesn’t hit a plateau.  It’s not just your mind that gets bored, even your body gets bored of doing the same workout for months.  And if your body is bored, it doesn’t get motivated to change as it stays within its comfort zone.

Try jogging in a park instead of around a track, take up martial arts-inspired class, swim, dance or cycle... anything that gets you moving.  

Get a workout buddy

Whether it is bringing a friend to a workout, or meeting new friends in your regular class, or simply being in a fitness class where there are others doing the same workout around you, the power of being in a community cannot be underestimated.

Surround yourself with fellow exercisers.

Start easy

As with everything we learn in life (like mathematics), starting straight at an advanced level is sure to make you want to give up learning. It’s ok to take the first steps and learn that 1+1=2 before moving on to algebra.  Start with a Beginner level exercise class then, when you have mastered the moves, move on to a higher level. For example, instead of starting with an  equipment-based class like a weights class, start with a cycling or non-equipment based class so that you focus on getting used to working out first rather than on learning how to set-up and use equipment.

Also, ask your instructors if there are beginner lessons or if they are able to give you a few tips if you are new to exercise.

Find a great coach!

The person in front of you telling you to keep going, keeping you entertained or showing you the next move is so important. Having a good coach or instructor makes the difference both during a class and for getting you to that class.  A friendly smile, chat or ‘hello!’ can bring delight and smiles to every class you head to.

Tackle the real reasons for exercise being a chore and you will find yourself more motivated than ever to keep to your exercise regimen. And if you’re not sure just where to start, talk to a fitness expert or check out our class listing to see if there’s an interesting class you’d like to attend.