18 Oct 2020

Fun workouts (for anyone who dreads exercise)

So, what is a fun workout? It’s not just the latest K-pop, street jazz or Latino-inspired classes.  The concept of ‘fun’ really varies between individuals. It’s just like how some people love cats whilst some are completely devoted to bears. Therefore, here is a list of what we think may be fun workouts – depending on what you like.


Party away to the latest or greatest hits and you’d never realise how the clock ticks away. There is no doubt that dancing is one of the most fun ways to exercise.  If you’re not a natural dancer (i.e. with 2 left feet), you can start with a beginner class with easy moves or a dance choreography class before progressing.


For anyone looking for a challenge, cycling classes really get your adrenaline pumping.  Whilst cycling is a low-impact exercise that is easy on the knees/joints, it packs an intense cardio workout.  The camaraderie, team challenges and pure thrill of riding up hills mixed with flats and races keep cyclists going back for more.

Martial Arts-inspired

From kung-fu movies to real-life action, martial arts has inspired a plethora of training methods and moves made suitable to any layman. Classes like Les Mills BODYCOMBAT bring out the inner warrior in you and transport you to a different place and time, whilst you execute a range of movements that your body would not normally do day-to-day.

Fitness challenges

Competition or having a goal with obstacles to overcome along the way can be fun! That is why obstacle races have become quite popular these days.  Try a circuit class where the instructor varies exercises regularly – giving you the element of surprise at each class.

Now it’s time to find the fun workout that best suits you!  Check out our class list and see if there’s any you’d like to give a go.