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“My passion is in sharing everything I know about the beautiful art of Yoga. Yoga is so much more than stress relief; it improves flexibility, mobility and strengthens the body. It’s the ideal complement to any exercise regimen.”

Linda Toh

Yoga instructor

“Teaching classes is one of the most fulfilling jobs around as it allows me to help people improve their quality of life through the regenerative benefits of yoga.”

Angela Luo

Yoga instructor

“From graceful fight movements in BODYCOMBAT to elegance and power in dance classes like Sh’bam and Zumba, join my classes at GFX where we challenge you to unleash the vibrant dancer and the valiant fighter in you!”

John Por

Manager and Instructor


Change Alley Mall

30 Raffles Place, #B2-01, Change Alley Mall, Singapore 048622
Nearest MRT Station:

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